Return policy

Within 14 calendar days of receiving and according to shipping (delivery day), you have the right to return the products you ordered.

It is important to know that we accept refunds from unused products and are in their original packaging as they accompany it and all that we have delivered to you (badge, packing, proof and coke). You will pack it in such a way that it does not cause damage when returning.

About the wear and tear we mentioned above are: makeup, soiled garments, torn, broken, or worn and flushed, especially for the latter means that coke has been used. In the event that one of the above reasons exists, then the product can not be returned and will be re-dispatched by shipping. Refunds are charged to you in every case. Do not accept lingerie, swimsuit or clothing that can not be re-used for hygienic purposes.

Products at special rates are not refunded and full control is performed before sending them as well as video recording to make sure you get a product as you saw it on our site.

For return, you must let us know in advance by email describing the status of the item as well as the reasons for the return, in the email you should indicate the order code, your name and full description of the product you are returning.

In the absence of any of the above reasons, we will refund the amount you charged for this product by deducting the return shipping costs. The shipping costs from our company to you initially charged have not been refunded, or even the commissions or bank charges incurred.

Whatever we are at your disposal, and we hope you do not have to return any of our products, as well as expecting you to build a trust relationship together.