Personalized Digital Sketch by Oneinterview (artist)


  1. Really personalized sketches with you and your loved ones (friends, husband, wife, family, pet etc). No to mass art or clip arts.  
  2. Write if you would like a specific Text or Name (at the check out at the field: Order notes (optional))
  3. After the payment you ll send us up to 3 photos to choose between them in order to make a high quality of illustration. You will find our email at the confirmation email of your order. Please original photos under your copyright. 
  4. Its a digital Artwork so you never charged for Shipping cost
  5. We know due covid that many products from other shops took a lot to be delivered to you. With Digital Artwork you have to wait only up to 3 days to recieve your final artwork.
  6. You could print it in any form, the dimensions of any artwork you’ll recieve its maximum 30x50cm (300dpi) (posters, mugs, pillows etc)
  7. After you ll receive it you can take it to your local printing on demand store.
  8. Best gift for Valentine’s Day, Birthday, speciall occasions
  9. Support Artists and shop!
  10. After the final Artwork we don’t refund any payment
  11. We made a special offer price because we want to know us and our art too.
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The idea of ​​personalized Sketch on your own submitted photos came after a request from people who trusted us and just wanted their digital design so that they could manage it as they wished without restricting them. What is the thinking behind? Send the photos you want to sketch, all the drawings are done on the computer and not with an app but by hand. When the sketch is completed, you receive it in your email and print it in any form you wish for personal use only. For each design we need at least 3 days in order to sketch it and order of priority is observed. If you want to sketch you for a commercial use you can send us an email.

We never resell any of your final sketches. We dont keep the photos after you receive your final Artwork. We don’t sell the mugs or  any item you see in this page we only sketch. Vat included on prices.

OFFER ENDS ON 13th of February 2021


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Personalized Digital Sketch by Oneinterview (artist)

Personalized Digital Sketch by Oneinterview (artist)